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At SG Studio we offer architectural design with a bang. Our approach is based on technological innovation and years of experience. Whether it is designing a single room or an entire building, we make sure to meet our clients needs, personal taste, lifestyle and innovate within the architectural design industry. Commercial, industrial or residential our architectural design process creates living breathing spaces that stand out from the crowd. As a full turnkey solution we ensure that your input is maximised to giving you what you want and less time wasting efforts. Our transparent approach allows your feedback during any period of the entire process and changes to be made rather quickly and painless. There is simply no better option than choosing SG Studio.


At SG Studio we believe in result driven outcomes. Our innovative architectural design studio creates great commercial, industrial and residential plans for development. Each project gets a surgical assessment and definition, followed by a design conceptualization phase to ensure we meet all requirements. We then develop a design that is concrete, constant review allows us to ensure that we meet all goals set forth. Once this phase is complete we provide you with Technical Documentation, help with council negotiations and contract administration and constant inspection. This kind of turnkey approach allows you to focus on the finer details within your project while we take care of the rest, it also allows us to over you a one of a kind service unrivaled in the local industry.


Full phase construction management allows you to ensure deadlines are met, expectations are clear and that the project is completed with the highest regard to quality. From concept to complete structure we ensure that all industry standards, local laws and requirements are met. Spot on continuous assessment of deadlines and progress allows us to keep track, give feedback and ensure a project is on time. Directly tied in with our construction services is our architectural expertise and interior design knowledge. For both small and large projects, ensure your project get’s the finest attention to detail by using our turnkey construction services.

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Design Studio

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SG Studio is a multi discipline company operating from within South African borders. With a large client base in South Africa and full international capability there is not a project on earth that we can’t provide valuable input on. Our team of highly expertised architectural designers, interior designers and construction managers has many years of experience across the board. Our services are based on a develop, design and construct approach that allows us to offer our clients a turnkey solution. This then allows them to focus on the finer details of a project to ensure the end results are of the highest quality. We also believe in clear and transparent communication and progress feedback and make sure that no step in the entire process is not given our full attention. Our drive to perfection ensures that your project turns out to be a great success. To get to know us better why not read more about us on our about page.




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